Mitsubishi Turbo Systems


A Mitsubishi or MHI part number consists of a 5 digit prefix, followed by a dash and an additional 5 digits, e.g. 49189-01000, or 49377-03041. Please see the following examples of MHI part numbers:-


The part number will either be located on a tag that is attached to the compressor cover of the turbo or it will be cast and stamped into the alloy of the compressor housing. On occasions the Mitsubishi part number is abbreviated. The last two digits of the prefix would be used, followed by the additional 5 digits e.g. 73-06100 would be 49173-06100.

The most popular prefixes are as follows:-

  • 49131-
  • 49135-
  • 49173-
  • 49177-
  • 49178-
  • 49183-
  • 49189-
  • 49377-
  • 49378-