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A Garrett turbocharger part number consists of 6 digits, followed by a dash and additional digits. Please see the following examples of Garrett turbocharger part numbers:-

Garrrett turbocharger identification numbers  

Garrrett turbocharger identification numbersGarrrett turbocharger identification numbers

The part number is usually located on the alloy compressor cover of a Garrett turbocharger. The part number will either be on a small Garrett plate, or more commonly dotted into the compressor cover itself.

There will be a series of numbers on the identification tag. The numbers will usually include the model number, OEM number, and the manufacturers’ part number.

The Turbocharger part number usually starts with a 4 or a 7, however on the latest turbocharger technology they are in the same format beggining with an 8.

If you are in doubt where and what you are looking for on your turbocharger, please give us a ring and we will be happy to help where we can.

There can be a lot of numbers on a garrettt turbocharger  the most common number people think is a part number is the frame size that starts with GT. This tells us the frame size which relates more to the size of the parts that used in aa Garrett turbocharger or Garrett Honeywell as they also known. 

If you find the the plate is missing from your Garrett turbo then there is a good chance that your turbocharger has been remanufactured before, if this is the case at Turbo Solutions we will be more than happy for you to send pictures of your turbocharger by email for us to idenyify it that way.