Filling The Gap Turbo Void

Looking at today’s turbocharger market there seems to be a lot of flyby night cowboys out there giving the reputable firms a headache, it seems that all you need to build turbochargers today is a fancy website and a shed.

Well believe me, the guy in his shed offering you a cut price turbocharger, will have taken it apart and placed a cheap cartridge bought from eBay located somewhere overseas inside.

Questions to be asked.

1. Where has it come from?

2. Has the core been flow benched?

3. Has the actuator been tested?

4. Are they using genuine OE parts


Here at Turbo Solutions we only use the original housing which goes through a process set to ISO 9001 standards which is only given to companies that are prepared to show they mean business offering turbochargers set to the highest standard.



Delivery drivers are getting flak from all angles.

Recent study shows that one of the most important jobs out there is the job of a delivery driver, and I find this goes very much unnoticed, from the surprise gifts to a loved one, to your favourite food from your local take away, after all we can’t send a parcel be email.

If your pizza is late who gets the blame? If a Christmas present doesn’t turn up on time, who is to blame?

A delivery driver can only do his/her best and deliver on a route he/she is given by the company with a set amount of deliveries he/she is given, making it cost effective for delivery to be within your price range.

Knowing first hand if a driver has not made his/her target, they will be spoken to by their supervisor and when the calls come in from an irate customer wanting to know where their delivery is they will be blamed in some way using the driver as the scapegoat.

Having said all this if a company promises to deliver your parcel within a certain timescale then they should employ more drivers to this! But then you have companies that rely on a third party companies to deliver your goods so they can ensure that is gets there in the agreed time frame.

What happens then? Who is to blame?

Although the company you purchased your item from, endeavours’ to deliver your item within a certain time frame, they are at the mercy of the delivery company, but still not the drivers fault as he is only following company policy.

Just remember the driver is at the end of a process started by you. 




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