I want to put a turbo on my non-turbocharged car, how much will it cost?

We DO NOT deal with turbocharger conversions.

Do I need to run in my turbo?

The replacement unit does not require a run-in period. However please ensure that the turbocharger installation instructions and oil priming instructions are followed correctly to prevent premature failure.

How do I maintain my turbocharger?

A good clean oil supply to the turbo is absolutely vital. Ensure that your vehicle is kept within its servicing intervals (preferably no longer than 8,000 miles to prolong the life span turbocharger). Change the oil and filter and the air filter when replacing your turbocharger and at every service.

Can I fit any turbo to my car?

No, even if a turbo appears to look the same, virtually all turbochargers are different internally, unless they are a direct substitute.

What is the boost pressure for my turbo?

This varies for every car. Seek advice from the manufacturer.

My actuator is not working on my turbo; can I use any other actuator?

No, each actuator has different opening pressure and rate.

I have oil in the inlet pipe – Is there a problem?

A small amount of oil in the inlet pipe is normal. This is drawn in from the engine’s crankcase breather system. High engine wear will increase the amount of oil found and will require further engine tests.

When will my parcel arrive?

If your parcel was not upgraded to a timed delivery service, it will normally arrive before 5pm. We will be happy to supply your consignment number to enable you to track its progress.

What are the turnaround times for the repair service?

We endeavour to offer a three working day turnaround, however this is dependent on work load. Please bear in mind that on some occasion’s components require ordering

Do you have gaskets?

Yes, we have gasket kits available for most applications. Please ask our Sales Team for details.

How do I pay for my turbo?

You can pay for your turbocharger by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. The goods will be dispatched once we have cleared funds.

What turbo do I have on my car?

We will require some vehicle information to help cross reference the correct turbocharger for your car; ie make, model, year of manufacture, cylinder capacity, engine code etc.